Sunday, January 6, 2013

My 2013 OWH Card Making Goals

Happy New Year!!!

Many people make resolutions for the new year.  These are not my resolutions for 2013, instead they are my goals.  My goals for making cards for Operation Write Home in 2013.  Here they are:

Make a total of 1000 cards with at least 250 of the cards for children

Make at least 1 card from every sketch (there are currently 154 sketches)  I will do each new sketch as they are published and start from sketch #1 and work my way through all of them.

Participate in the ODB Challenge every month.

Participate in at least 75% of the MWT challenges.

Do six 6X6 paper pad challenges

Last but certainly not least, spend less by using up what I already have!  (I know we all have this goal, but it is especially important to me since my husband lost his job on Aug. 31, 2012.)

Well there they are!  I will post a progress report each month so that I can track my progress.


  1. This is a great list of goals Brenda! You can do it! When it comes to holding back on buying paper, I only keep about 4 stacks/pads at a time and dry emboss solid paper to make the DP last longer. Scrap packs are so much cheaper and the colors almost always match at least one or two of my DPs. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  2. I like your goals! And you're right, we all have that "use what we have/spend less" goal. I have it too on my blog. Good luck to all of us. Temptation is wicked... just look the other way!

  3. I have also challenged myself to do all the sketches. I also want to start a blog. Well, I did all the stuff necessary and the blog is there, I just haven't "blogged" anything yet. LOL I need to take decent pictures of my cards and get rolling on that. Good luck with your goals!

  4. These are some wonderful goals. I am sure you will be very successful. I am sorry to hear about your husband. Mine has not been working since April, 2012 so I can understand using what you have.